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Our Markets


Indorama Ventures is a supplier of EPA registered ingredients used in the Agrochemical Market for applications in Crop Protection, Seed Treatment, Fertilizer, Home and Garden, Animal Health and Wood Treatment areas. Generally, the ingredients are surfactant based and used in Agrochemical formulations as Dispersants, Emulsifiers and Agricultural Spray Adjuvants. Our TERSPERSE® dispersants are used to facilitate the suspension and dispersion of pesticidal ingredients in concentrated dry and liquid formulations in the grower’s application tank. Our TERMUL® emulsifiers are used to form stable mixtures of an oil in water formulation, enabling an easy-to-apply application. Our Agricultural Spray Adjuvants (TERMIX® adjuvants) are used to reduce the surface tension of aqueous solutions in the application tank, improve foliar retention and penetration, and adjust the tank mix properties to improve the overall efficacy of the pesticidal ingredients.

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Metalworking Products

Our wide range of emulsifiers, surfactants and ethoxylates offer many performance enhancing benefits in metalworking applications including corrosion inhibition, metal cleaners, wetting agents and low foam/defoamers. Indorama Ventures’s metalworking fluids are offered for use in oil soluble/emulsions, semi-synthetic/microemulsions and in an oil-free synthetics. Our SURFONIC® T Series wetting agents can be applied to both soluble oil and semi-synthetic formulations and act as co-emulsifiers to help solubilize additives. Our POGOL® product line offers metal cleaning solutions, while our TERIC® product line can be used as corrosion inhibitors, coupling agents and emulsifiers making them a versatile option for your metalworking needs.

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Mining Products

Indorama Ventures’s POLYFROTH® Series frothers can generate low, medium and high strength froths as measured by froth stability column. Indorama Ventures’s POLYMAX® and UNIMAX® depressants are non-ionic, anionic and cationic polymers manufactured for the depression of gangue. These low and intermediate molecular weight polymers are specifically designed to depress iron sulfides, disperse slimes, treat talc bearing ores and disperse clays and silicates. Our POLYSIL® coagulants are designed for use in the mining industry for the treatment of fine particles in aqueous suspension across a broad pH range. Indorama Ventures has invested in its mining laboratory facilities in Australia, where customer mineral samples can be tested in-house with Indorama Ventures’s reagents.

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Oilfield Technology

Our products are used in a variety of applications throughout the oil production industry with a focus on production chemicals, such as corrosion inhibitors like our SURFONIC® OFC Series corrosion inhibitors, SURFONIC® OFD demulsifiers and XOF alkylaryl sulfonates for paraffin dispersants. For your paraffin and asphaltene inhibition needs Indorama Ventures also offers a range of polymers with high active content. Indorama Ventures’s drilling additives offer shale inhibition, viscosity control and emulsifying properties for invert drilling applications. SURFONIC® OFE 201 surfactant allows well bore cleanup in high-brine completion fluids. Indorama Ventures’s surfactant chemistries help optimize exploration and production of hydrocarbons. By taking a holistic, full-process approach from product concept through commercial large-scale production, the company is well-placed to deliver proven and sustainable oilfield solutions.

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